About Me

Hello, my name is Louise Lloyd

I have always followed my passions in life and lived with a sense of purpose. Following a childhood dream of becoming a professional event rider I left school as soon as I could. At the age of 16 armed with just a bunch of ‘O’ Levels and a lot of determination (along with thankfully supportive parents who encouraged me to follow my dreams and talent) I pursued my Olympic dream. At the age of 18 I represented Great Britain in the Junior European Championships in Switzerland….unsuccessfully I might add, when my horse totally freaked out at the crowds on the way to the start line dumping me onto the floor and galloping off into the hills. Undeterred, I continued on to a senior career which had many ‘character building’ moments, quite a few wins and a few broken bones to add to my C.V.

In the mid 90‘s my interest in the sport had started to wane and I was having to face the reality that the nearer I got to my Olympic dream the less I wanted it. I had started to question what kind of a person I was and I didn’t actually like some of what I found. It was at this time that I was introduced to meditation – something that wasn’t even on my radar previously. To say that I found the practice of meditation life changing is by no means an exaggeration. Through meditation I found a peace and a joy that I had never experienced before.

This introduction to meditation saw me through the end of my eventing career and into a new passion where one career became another. I trained in delivering meditation and some alternative energy therapies before training to teach yoga, following my passion and interest in both meditation and breath techniques. I was very interested in the yogic philosophy in particular as it had much in common with my own beliefs and experience. Initially this training was purely for my own interest but as more and more people started to ask me for help this new career was born.

I am very lucky to do work that I am so passionate about it doesn’t feel like work, and that it has all built up mostly through word of mouth. Since early 2000 I have been sharing what I have learned and helping people find their own answers and inspiration in life. I know that we are here to do more than just exist and so I love helping people to find a better quality of life. I currently work with people both in and out of the workplace delivering stress management and wellbeing tools, and in personal development, helping people to find and follow their own passions and achieve their own goals.

To say that what I now share with others comes just from any formal training or study I have done would not tell the whole truth. Of course that study plays a part, though far more comes from the insight and wisdom I have gained through meditation and by living my own life through that wisdom. It is this that I try to share with others in the hope that they too find their own wisdom and inspiration so that collectively we can create a better reality for all.

I love the fact that as long as I live I will never stop learning. So far along the way, I have learned…

  • that if we don’t like who we are or how we are living we can change it.
  • that sometimes life is tough and we will hurt but that there are ways to help us through even the worst times.
  • that we are all here to do more than just exist. We are here be our own unique brilliant selves, and to share that with others.
  • that ultimately everything comes down to either love or fear, and that choice is ours.