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Struggle Less, Be More.

This course brings the very best tips and tools to help you to manage hectic schedules, get off of the treadmill living of days blurring into months and instead create a life that, well quite frankly feels more alive, more authentic, and more worth living.

Having used all that I offer myself I know that using these techniques can change your life for the better and I truly want that for anyone that also seeks a better way to live. For this reason I offer this course on a donation basis. If you have benefited from it and wish to make a donation to support the work that I do then I am very grateful. I am grateful that it has helped you and I am grateful for the donation. If you have benefited from it and can not or do not choose to donate then I am also grateful that it has helped you. The more peaceful people in the world the better for us all. So donate if your heart guides you to or do not if it doesn’t. Share the course with whoever you like and the same will apply to them.

In 6 modules I offer simple and effective techniques to help you to feel less stressed, more creative, more focused, and more in tune with the life that supports you. Each module has cut to the chase information, practical video and audio techniques, and tips to help you well on your way.

Module 1 – Breathe!

Module 2 – Posture – Is It Helping You?

Module 3 – Lifestyle – Choices That Support Your Wellbeing.

Module 4 – Mindfulness – The What, How, and Why Of It All.

Module 5 – Meditation – The Tool Of Success

Module 6 – The Bigger Picture – Resilience Depends On It

For those of you loving the techniques though I want you to know that you can download any of the content for your personal use so that you have them forever more.

From time to time new resources become available and I might be inspired to add new content, or amend or update previous content so that the course is always up to speed with any latest developments. What you will find though is that these techniques are all timeless – they have been working for thousands of years and will continue to do so.

Heads Up For How The Course Works….

Each module will have some cut to the chase info so as not to overload you with too much detail. For some modules if there is info that I think some of you would like then I have added a ‘More Info’ page so that it’s not essential you read it but it’s there if you want more.

Video and Audio Practices

Some modules have guided video or audio techniques. I recommend downloading these so that you have them forever


Some modules have a page of ‘Prompts’ where I suggest additional ways to use the tools in everyday life. Like the ‘More Info’ pages, these aren’t essential but are there if you want a few nudges.

My Tip

Sometimes a simple word of encouragement and often specific ways that I myself use the tools.

Further Reading

Every now and then I will suggest a book that I think is particularly noteworthy. Obviously there are thousands of books out there and many I have read but these noted ones I felt I needed to share with you.

All that said….

Enjoy the course. Take as much or as little away from it as you want to. Use what works, drop what doesn’t. Agree, disagree, do something, do nothing. From this point it is up to you….(as life always is).

I wish you all the very best and if you love what the course offers then be sure to sign up to my mailing list so you are kept in the loop of any new events or updates.

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