Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing Courses & Coaching

Creating the conditions for achieving success.

I offer a variety of courses and individual coaching sessions on managing stress and creating the energy and mindset for achieving greater success. Using a variety of methods including mindfulness, meditation and breath practices I help people to develop self awareness, personal resilience and to manage their own energy and stress levels.

The simple and effective techniques I offer can help to:

– reduce stress

– improve focus and concentration

– increase effectiveness and engagement

– develop emotional intelligence and personal resilience

– improve wellbeing and life satisfaction

– form better relationships with others.

Sessions can be anything from an hour, half or full day, or several days. They can be group sessions or one to one to work on specific needs, in house or at an external venue. I can work with the time and space that suits you best.

Some popular courses:

  • The Heart Of Wellbeing
    Effective tools to manage stress, time pressures, improve wellbeing and resilience.
  • Radical Time Management
    Learn to become super efficient and more effective to better manage time both in and out of the workplace.
  • Practical Mindfulness In Everyday Life
    Mindfulness is a great way to live but how do we apply it to everyday life? This course helps you to turn the benefits of practicing mindfulness into reality.
  • From Mindfulness To Meditation And Beyond
    Practical application of mindfulness and meditation to maximise productivity and inspire creative solutions to life’s challenges.
  • Managing Change And Uncertainty
    Effective tools to help maintain a positive and focused mindset through change and uncertainty.
  • Creative Leaders And Managers
    Effective tools to manage people, time pressures and targets, inspire greater team work and get creative in achieving successful outcomes and sustainable futures.

To discuss or to book any of these sessions please contact me on 07779 722293 or email me

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“Louise delivered a programme of Mindful Wellbeing sessions for TWI in Cambridge and Wales with overwhelming positive feedback. Employees felt it was one of the best courses they had ever been on and had given them the opportunity to learn simple techniques that really could change their everyday lives. Simple techniques learnt through the course enabled some employees to overcome specific challenges they were facing and for others it gave them a totally different outlook on their day to day lives. Hugely beneficial at all levels across the organisation, I would highly recommend this course.”

Sarah Smith Chartered MCIPD, HR Group Manager, TWI Ltd

“Louise’s work with UNICEF’s Senior Leadership Development Programme has been a tremendous success. She has the uncanny ability to gauge, in the moment, just what the group needs — and to adapt her sessions to suit. What began as a simple notion of including a bit of breathing to help focus the group and bring them present, has turned into a deeply impactful and completely integral part of the programme. Superb!”

Dawn Denvir, Chief, Organizational Learning and Development Section (OLDS) - DHR United Nations Children’s Fund - UNICEF

“Louise has played a very big part in wellbeing at Abcam, running both weekly and one off wellbeing events. She has also been an integral part in the planning of our other wellbeing events. Louise is very supportive and has developed some great sessions that have focused on our business wellbeing needs. Louise is easy to work with and it is so nice to work with someone that understands the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. She is a great listener and has lots of good ideas; a real inspiration.”

Rebecca Molloy, Corporate Health and Safety and Environment Manager, Abcam plc

“We invited Louise to lead a wellbeing session at our annual year-end conference and she designed a session that would encourage our team to think about how they can get the most out of life, encouraging the team to support each other and identify some ways in which they can perform at their best. It was quite a departure from our usual action based team building days and it felt quite a risk, but the feedback we received after the event demonstrated how much our staff appreciated this different approach.
I would highly recommend Louise to your organisation if you are looking for ways to support your staff to balance high pressured jobs in a healthy, supportive environment.”

Lynn Walters, Director, Pure Resourcing Solutions

The resilience sessions have been amazing and really timely for our organisation. We are currently going through a large amount of growth and change which is exciting, but also brings challenges and pressures. These sessions have given people the space, time and tools to reflect and refocus their energies in a positive way. Highly recommend them.

Jennie Oliver Chief Operating Officer Buckles Solicitors

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