Hi! I’m Louise Lloyd

If you want to manage stress, reboot your lifestyle or mindset, or change direction in life, then I can help you.

Louise is for you if ….

You want to see the light at the end of your stress tunnel

You want to find breathing space in your busyness

It's time that you turned self-sabotage into self-care

You want to move beyond your fears, your challenges, and everything else that stands in your way!

Louise Lloyd is a mindset and wellbeing coach who has been helping people to hack stress, limits, and mindsets for over 20 years. Through speaking engagements and coaching, she helps people to stop stress and fear getting in the way of them realising their potential.  She is passionate about helping people to manage their own internal state so they can live healthier happier lives. 

From CEOs and business owners to coders, scientists and PAs, her practical and effective approach helps people to overcome the challenges they face. She leads sessions for global senior leadership programmes helping leaders to maintain presence and focus amidst pressure.

Having ridden for Great Britain during her career as a professional event rider, she knows what it takes to handle pressure and to navigate life’s inevitable ups and downs. Through her background in teaching yoga, meditation and breath practices Louise has gained significant insight into transcending an overthinking mind and fear, something which has helped her become the go-to person for many people in moments of crisis or when they feel stuck in life. 

“Louise is passionate about helping people to improve their wellbeing and this comes through in her delivery whichever topic she is speaking about. Her style is great; she is relaxed and really engages with the audience. She always makes sure there are practical takeaways that people can fit into their everyday lives without having to make radical changes which can often be hard to commit to. I would recommend Louise’s sessions to anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing.”

Sarah Smith

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I am on a mission to help people to hack their stress, their limits, and their mindset so that they can live the life they want to lead. I work with people from all walks of life and understand the challenges they face.

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