Workplace Wellbeing Courses & Coaching

hacking stress, limits, and mindset to create peak performance and maximise potential

I offer a variety of group and individual coaching sessions and courses on managing stress and creating the energy and mindset for achieving greater success. Using a variety of methods including mindfulness, meditation and breath practices I help people to develop self awareness, personal resilience and to manage their own energy and stress levels.

“Louise has played a very big part in wellbeing at Abcam, running both weekly and one-off wellbeing events. She is very supportive and understands the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. Louise is a great listener and has a lot of great ideas; a real inspiration!”

Rebecca Molloy

Corporate Health and Safety and Environment Manager, Abcam plc

The simple and effective techniques

I offer can help to:

reduce stress

improve focus and concentration

increase effectiveness and engagement

enhance peak performance

develop emotional intelligence and personal resilience

improve wellbeing and life satisfaction

form better relationships with others

Stress Hacking

As humans we enjoy a challenge and like to achieve things that are initially outside of our current comfort zone. In fact, high achievers really relish these challenges and this positive stress is beneficial to our wellbeing. But how do we know when positive stress turns into negative stress and what can we do to manage it? Failure to manage negative stress has a negative impact on our wellbeing and ultimately leads to ill health, either mentally or physically, or both.  This session looks at both stress and wellbeing and the personal relationship we have with them.


  • What is stress? – how do you recognise it?   What can you do about it?
  • Flight or flight responses – discover how you might be habitually reacting in everyday life. 
  • The relaxation response – why it’s important and how to use it.
  • What is wellbeing? – how can you maintain your own wellbeing? Recognising the day to day choices that support peak performance and health.
Positivity - Is It Possible? Is It Realistic?

These days we hear a lot of discussion around creating a positive mindset and the benefits of doing so. But what is a positive mindset and is it really possible to create one? What about if you are feeling stressed, depressed or anxious – does that mean you should try to be positive or is it possible to feel that way and still be positive?!


– Positivity and what that might look like in everyday life – uncover how mindfulness can help us to be more positive, if we want to be. 

– Is it all it’s cracked up to be? – can being positive have negative outcomes as well as positive ones.

– Is your mindset creating your reality?  and if it is then being positive might give you an advantage in life and in what you achieve. We discuss this theory and ways to put it to the test.

Getting Comfortable Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Life by it’s very nature will present us with challenges that take us outside of our comfort zone. As humans we enjoy a challenge and like to achieve things and that often means initially taking us outside of our current comfort zone.

This session looks at how to get comfortable with life outside of the comfort zone. Learn how to create the right conditions to manage the inevitable challenges that life will present.

– Feeling uncomfortable doesn’t have to stop you! – learn how to identify and experience the symptoms of feeling uncomfortable, without them getting in your way.

– Navigate your way through the symptoms manage the fight or flight physiological symptoms that often arise in moments of challenge.

– Relish the challenge – Yes! It is even possible to love that uncomfortable zone and produce your best outcomes from it!


“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”  Charles Swindoll

Mindful Managers and Leaders

-The mindful approach to managing your time, energy and wellbeing.

In the fast paced world that we now live in managers and team leaders face the time pressured challenge of meeting targets, managing other people and their wellbeing along side keeping on top of their own wellbeing and performance. A manager that can manage their own mindset and wellbeing positively influences their team to do the same. The mindful approach to managing time, energy and wellbeing maximises efficiency and productivity whilst creating resilient and cohesive teams.  

The course offers simple techniques that can help you and your teams to:

  • Recognise and manage stress; both personally and within your team
  • Maximise efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improve focus and productivity
  • Manage the pressure of targets, deadlines and workloads
  • Create systems and habits to support wellbeing and resilience
  • Create supportive and cohesive teams
  • Improve work life balance

“Louise is passionate about helping people to improve their wellbeing and this comes through in her delivery whichever topic she is speaking about. Her style is great; she is relaxed and really engages with the audience. She always makes sure there are practical takeaways that people can fit into their everyday lives without having to make radical changes which can often be hard to commit to. I would recommend Louise’s sessions to anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing.”

Sarah Smith

People Partner Redgate Software

“I have worked with Louise for many years and what she brings to her training sessions is quite unique. Her ability to get those who do not believe in wellbeing techniques on board and benefitting is quite uncanny. She offers ways for all of us to live a calmer more in control life, where we can actually stop and appreciate the world we live in and enjoy things we usually miss in life. I can highly recommend Louise.”

Lindy Tegg

HR Manager - UK

“Louise was an integral part to Buckles Wellbeing Strategy. Her insightful sessions focused on a deeper understanding of one’s environment and then developing a resilience strategy to complement this. She ran excellent group sessions and 1:1 coaching, both for the senior team and also across the organisation. The feedback received was outstanding and I would highly recommend Louise to any organisation. I look forward to working with her again.”

Jennie Oliver FCIPD MBA Pc.dip

Director, Scarlett Associates

“Louise has played a very big part in wellbeing at Abcam, running both weekly and one-off wellbeing events. She is very supportive and understands the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. Louise is a great listener and has a lot of great ideas; a real inspiration!”

Rebecca Molloy

Abcam plc, Corporate Health and Safety and Environment Manager

“I first met Louise when I attended one of her Managing Stress Workshops. We then started working together on our company Wellness Programme. She ran in-house stress management workshops and monthly Mindfulness sessions which contributed to the success of our programme. We found her work complimented our more traditional approach to employee development touching on areas such as innovation, solution thinking, time management, self awareness and personal impact. Louise is excellent! She is very knowledgeable and passionate about wellness and mindfulness, she is innovative and creative and very quickly builds trust with her audience.

Sharon Budworth

Head of HR UK & EMEA, Domino UK Ltd

“ Louise delivered a programme of Mindful Wellbeing sessions for TWI with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Employees felt it was one of the best courses they have ever been on and the opportunity to learn techniques that changed their everyday lives. Hugely beneficial at all levels across the organisation. I highly recommend Louise and her course.

Sarah Smith

Chartered MCIPD

“Louise’s work with UNICEF’s Senior Leadership Development Programme has been a tremendous success. She has the uncanny ability to gauge, in the moment, just what the group needs and to adapt her sessions to suit. What began as a simple notion of helping focus the group has turned into a deeply impactful and completely integral part of the programme. Superb!”

Dawn Denvir

Chief, Organizational Learning and Development Section (OLDS) - DHR United Nations Children’s Fund , UNICEF

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